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Published on 2016-04-21

In the last few weeks, the snow has (finally) disappeared from Montreal’s streets and in its place we’re seeing glorious BIXI stations! Not only are these silver bikes a sure sign of spring, they also make many Montrealers excited to get moving. Some, on the other hand, aren’t quite so sure about the system. In an effort to show those folks what they’re missing and encourage them to convert this year, here are 3 great reasons to hop on a BIXI this season.

Chloé et Sophie fondatrices Mouvement Happy Fitness

1)  No Prep Required

If you spent more time lazing around on the couch than moving your body this winter, you might assume that a couple of workouts are in order before biking somewhere on a BIXI. Not so! In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The sooner you start cycling, the faster you’ll get back in shape. Sure, there may be a few bumps in the road in the beginning, but you can’t do any real harm; most likely, any tension you feel will just be side effects of your muscles strengthening themselves after hibernating all winter. Basically, getting back into shape starts the second you pull a BIXI out of its docking station. Just start pedalling! It only gets easier (and way more fun) with every passing day.

But wait! There’s more! Cycling is also easy on your joints, which makes it ideal for getting back into shape. That being said, in order to avoid knee injuries, you should make sure your seat is always at its proper height. To get an idea of the right height for you, use your foot to push one of your pedals to its lowest point. When your leg is completely extended with only a slight bend at the knee (10-15 degrees), your seat is in the perfect place.

2)  The Best Way To Beat Stagnation

Getting around by bike is a great way to add more movement to your everyday routine, which, for many, is riddled with inactivity. Sitting on a bus on your way to an office where you spend the next 8 hours sitting doesn’t leave much time for movement; this level of stagnation is horrendous for your well being. While hitting the gym is excellent for your health, the few sessions we manage to fit into our busy schedules aren’t quite enough to prevent many illnesses that arise as a result of our sedentary lifestyles.

Pedalling from place to place can contribute significantly to better health by providing cyclists with a quality cardio workout that also builds muscle. Plus, because you likely have somewhere to get to each and every day, exercise becomes part of your regular routine. You won’t even think twice about it! Long live active transportation!

3)  Positive Side Effects

Before trading in your car for a bicycle, it’s important to be aware of cycling’s many side effects. By spending more time outside and getting your blood pumping by pedal pushing, you may experience an increase in energy, as well as instant mood elevation. You’ll also be subjected to augmented oxygen flow to the brain, which puts you at risk of increased concentration, higher productivity and near incessant ideation. In addition to these “complications”, you may also notice a sharp increase in quality of living, especially if your trusty two-wheeler helps you prevent traffic jams on your way to work!

In conclusion, aside from staying in shape, feeling healthy, having extra energy and enjoying getting around, there’s no real reason to fear the BIXI. Be attentive and add some more movement to your daily routine by giving active transportation a try!

The HappyFitness Movement offers outdoor group training for women. The next session starts April 25th and lasts a total of eight weeks. Many accomplishments, crazy laughs and sore legs are ahead, so join us! 

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Written by : Chloé Rochette