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Published on 2016-11-11

Mood: Cozy

An itinerary presented by Moodmap in collaboration with Rue de l’Industrie

When you visit la Rue de l’Industrie, you get a glimpse into a lifestyle that’s pretty, but never pompous and sentimental, but never boring! I love sharing my thoughts and feelings with readers, be they good or bad, and I adore inviting them into my colourful, creative, Montreal-centric and lovingly Hochelagian universe. Here are 5 of my favourite spots to visit in Montreal when I feel like getting cozy! 


19:00AM – Marché Maisonneuve

Let’s start our comforting journey at this beautiful market (I prefer it to its sister spots around the city). You can find amazing bread, delicious cheeses and an amazing upscale marketplace filled with organic produce and vegan-friendly fare. In colder seasons, they also sell a slew of squashes that’ll help spice up any dinner.

Marché Maisonneuve, 4445 Rue Ontario. E.
Closest BIXI Station: Place Gennevilliers Laliberté/Ontario

© Marie Letard

211:00AM – Gabardine

I love shopping at this little spot in Hochelaga! This boutique offers creations by local designers at affordable prices. It’s a great way to support Quebecois brands without breaking the bank. They also have amazing products for kids!

Gabardine Atelier-Boutique, 4281 Rue Sainte-Catherine E.
Closest BIXI Station: Lasalle / Ste. Catherine

© Marie Letard

312h00PM – Hoche Café

I highly recommend stopping by this amazing café when you’re looking to warm up your hands and tickle your tastebuds. Not only are they known for their incredible coffee, they also sell some seriously tasty treats. I can’t stop by without indulging in one of their heart-shaped almond financiers.

Hoche Café,  4299 Rue Ontario E.
Closest BIXI Station: Place Gennevilliers Laliberté / Ontario 

© Marie Letard

42:30PM – Biscuiterie Oscar

Let’s keep following our sweet tooths all the way to Biscuiterie Oscar, a paradise for young and old alike! Treating someone (or maybe just yourself) to delicious cookies is always a good idea. There are so many different delicacies at Oscar’s that your eyes won’t know where to look!

Biscuiterie Oscar, 3755 Rue Ontario E.
Closest BIXI Station: Valois/Ontario 

54:00PM – Raymond IV

We’ve finally arrived at my favourite place in all of Hochelaga, Raymond IV. Everything about this second hand clothing shop is comforting, from the dreamy décor to the friendly staff. The clothes are curated with care and the prices are surprisingly affordable. They also tend to host events when seasons change over.

Raymond IV, 2011 Rue Dézéry
Closest BIXI Station: Ontario / Dézéry

© Marie Letard


Written by : Marie Letard