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Published on 2017-07-06

1st step : Obtain a valid OPUS card

Subscribe on BIXI website, in the section ‘’Become a member’’

2nd step : Select ‘’OPUS acces’’

3rd step : Fill out the form

- You must enter your OPUS card number and a security nip. The security nip will be necessary to rent a bike at the station.

- Then, you must create a BIXI account with your email and a password. This will be use to connect to your personnal account on BIXI website.

- Next, you have to enter your credit card informations in order to be charge when you rent a BIXI.

4th step : Once you are at the station to rent a BIXI

- Click on ‘’Démarrez’’ on the right side of the screen, to start the transaction.

- Choose the option ‘’Rent a bike’’

- Tap your OPUS card on the contactless reader and enter your nip.

- Select the one way trip of 30 minutes or less. 2,95$ will be charge to your credit card. There will be no security deposit of 100 $ in contrary to the regular transaction with the credit card.

- If you already have a BIXI key, you don’t need to subscribe to OPUS access. The OPUS card does not remplace the key. The OPUS card gives you access only to one way trips. Moreover, the BIXI key still is the simplest way to rent a bike for members.


Question 1 : My transaction was denied. What should I do?

You must create an online account before you can purchase one-way trips with your OPUS card. To create your account, go to Become a member to access the subscription form. A credit card (VISA, Master Card or American Express) is required to open an account. Be sure to have your credit card in hand when creating your account.

If you have already created an account, your card may have been deactivated. You should contact the public transit company that issued the card to check whether this is the case.

Question 2 : Can I use my OPUS card to purchase access other than one-way trips?

No, only one-way trips can be purchased with an OPUS card.

Question 3 : Do all of the OPUS cards issued by other public transit corporations in Quebec work?

Yes, if you hold a valid OPUS card and are registered on the BIXI website.

Question 4 : Must I have an active transit fare on my OPUS card before I can use it to purchase BIXI access?

No, all you need is a valid OPUS card. No fares need be encoded in order to use BIXI.

Question 5 : May I use my OPUS card instead of my BIXI key?

No, the OPUS card is not a substitute for the BIXI key. The BIXI key remains the easiest way for all subscribers to borrow a bike. BIXI access with an OPUS card is limited to one-way trips.

Written by : BIXI team